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how to get gays’ attention


how to get gays’ attention

China Moses - La Nouvelle-Orléans Finale
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Down in New Orleans (Finale) - The Princess and the Frog (French)


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Save what has been lost,
Bring back what once was mine,
What once was mine.

Fighting For

Losing in general sucks. Either it’s your trail of thought, keys to your car, or your ambition. Sometimes in your life that you fight for the things that you lose, like friendships. You have that person you can talk non stop to, and spend hours with and not get bored. You have your own routine with them. Txt patterns, inside jokes, and the way you walk to classes together. When that routine is broken, one person will notice of how they don’t talk to you often anymore. They starts asking questions or assuming ideas. ” What’s wrong?”, “What happened? “, and the worst “Did I do something wrong? ” You’ll have a period of time of silence and awkward interactions till someone snap and asks the questions. Whatever the answers are, you take them and understand them. Let them share their feelings and thoughts then share yours. When you think the freindship can be saved, fight for it. Fight for the great friendship you have. Either it’s giving them their space or changing things. Do it. Yet remember, it all comes down to what is right and your happiness.